“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”       - Psalm 24:1 (NLT)


“The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.” Genesis 2:15 (NLT)

God gave human beings the responsibility (stewardship) of protecting, cherishing and nurturing this Earth and all its creatures. However, by giving more significance to profit and largely failing to focus on people and the planet, we have not fulfilled our obligations to this gift, thereby creating an imbalance on this Earth.

And the recurring effects of this imbalance is seen around us – whether it is the increasing number of natural disasters, or the increasing poverty and homelessness, or global warming, or even diseases such as Covid-19. It is time for us to self-reflect, revive & recover, and Triquetrus aims to be a catalyst to drive this transformation and renewal.

The Latin word “Triquetrus” means “three-cornered” which here signifies the Three Pillars of Sustainability i.e. the social, environmental and economic pillars or in the words of the triple bottom line accounting framework – “the social equity bottom line (people), the environmental bottom line (planet), and the economic bottom line (profit).” Triquetrus is the Latin base of the word “Triquetra”.

“Initiatives” means the ability to assess and initiate things independently and an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or to improve a situation.

Our Approach

Triquetrus’s vision & mission can be outlined in two words –
“Transform. Impact.”

— Our Mission

To be a catalyst for the Transformation and renewal of the natural ecosystem and society by initiating, contributing or participating in activities and endeavours with a sustainable, measurable and beneficial Impact.

— Our Vision

A transformed and sustainable ecosystem, where all of Creation can realise and utilise their full potential, and live an abundant life.

Our Principles

These Principles are the foundation stones of the Organisation and the guidelines by which we do things.
  1. We will always strive to Transform ourselves and our ecosystem.
  2. We will always endeavour to create a positive Impact and excel in what we do.
  3. We will always do the right thing and act with respect, professionalism, trustworthiness and accountability.
  4. We are only stewards of the resources provided to us, and we will utilise these resources faithfully and in the most worthwhile manner.
  5. We encourage an environment that nurtures openness, values different opinions and tolerates honest mistakes, to the best of what is reasonable.
  6. We will strive to enable our people and our community to realise and utilise their full potential.
  7. We are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.
  8. We will continually remind ourselves of our limitations, to avoid hubris, and to exhort ourselves to be better.
  9. We will give higher priority to our long-term goals than our short-term performance.
  10. We will plan and make investments for the future and create reserves for adverse times.

Our Associates